Thursday, October 29, 2009

My first blogging experience.....

Ok, so here I am....I have officially set up my own blog.  I have contemplated starting my own blog for quite some time now but every time I thought about beginning, something inside stopped me. I finally figured out it was fear.  Fear of having my ideas and thoughts being judged by others.  I have done alot of writing that I have  kept to myself so far.  I am, by no means, the best writer but I do enjoy it.  I figured I could use this blog as my outlet.  So what it really comes down to is this.......I am tired of being afraid.  As I look back through my life there are so many things I did not do because of fear.  I am choosing to no longer let fear decide my fate.

If you are taking the time to stop by and read please know that I appreciate it.  I hope that you find some enjoyment from reading my's ok if you don't.

As a quick side note:  I need to thank Leanne who for many weeks now has inspired me with her blogs and also shared some encouraging words.  Leanne ~ it truly means more that you will ever know!  Thank you!!