Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wrinkles or no wrinkles..........

Ok ladies, this one is for you.  How hard are you working to banish those dreaded wrinkles?  For the past 8 years or so I have read hundreds of articles in magazines and online and spent a lot of money buying the products they suggested.  Yet, here I sit today with wrinkles.  Did I buy the wrong items, apply them incorrectly???  Nope, it is nothing like that....So what is the problem?
I have recently been noticing more of those little lines popping up here and there.  So instead of running Walgreens to purchase yet another facial cream I decided to think about why I have them.  Then it occured to me.  Instead of being angry with the wrinkles I should embrace them (even thought this might be difficult at times).  They show that I have lived!!  Every line on my face kind of tells a story of its own.  The majority of these lines are from laughing and smiling!  I do love to laugh!!  How can I be mad about something called "laugh lines"? So ladies, I encourage you to love your lines!!
I am and will continue to be proud of my wrinkles because I know they formed from the result of a lifetime of smiles and laughs.  Thank you to all of those individuals who have contributed to the lines on my face.

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