Friday, March 16, 2012

Getting back on track (kinda...)

Hi friends!  Remember me??  I am here to catch up on the photo a day challenge.  I have been taking them each, it has just be difficult to post them. Anyway, here we go..........

Day 9 - Red

Day 10 - Loud - (Please note I do not mean the subjects....It was a loud bar that we were celebrating my sisters birthday.)

Day 11 - Someone I talked to today (and everyday)

Day 12 - Fork

Day 13 - A Sign (Ok, so I have 2 for this one)

Day 14 - Clouds

Day 16 - Car

Day 16 - Sunglasses

Phew!  Nothing like a marathon photo post to get the blood pumping!  Another busy weekend ahead....Happy picture taking. :)

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