Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Monday!?!

How many people actually mean it when they say Happy Monday?  Bet it's not as many as you would think.  Monday are rough!  It is noon and I and am just getting into the swing of my day (might I add that I have been at work since 8:30 a.m. - YIKES).  Anyway, after a fun, crazy, long weekend I am here to post my photo-a-day pics from the weekend.

Day 2 - Fruit
I took this while I was wandering around one of my favorite stores, Hobby Lobby.

Day 3 -  My neighborhood - Taken while at the ATM getting some cash so Man In Charge & I could go out for date night.

Day 4 - Bedside - Saturday night was very late and so was getting up on Sunday :)

Day 5 -  Smile - I love this picture.  We went to see Brother Cane on Saturday night and got a chance to "hang" with the band members.  Man In Charge was over the moon!  These guys were just awesome!

Ok, so that was my last few days.................What did you do?

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