Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's almost June! (WHAT?!?!)

So here I sit just a few days away from the month of June.  June, I said!  Can you believe it?  I am having a bit of difficulty wrapping my little head around this fact.  I think I am just in denial of time passing so quickly. At the end of this week my little man will officially be a first grader, while my nephew is graduating from high school.  The craziest part of it all is that I am another month closer to turning 4......4.......(this is rough)......40. I am not ready for these milestones, especially that last one!  However, I do realize that, ready or not, these things are happening. 

With that, I will welcome June 2012 with open arms and all the fun and craziness it will bring.  To help keep me entertained I have decided to participate in the June Photo A Day Challenge by Fat Mum Slim.  If you have visited here before you might remember that I have participated in past months.  It is a fun little project......you should try it too! If you do, please me a comment of where I can find you so I can see your pictures.

Happy Days :)  


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