Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Want a break from your kid’s music – download Train’s new album “California 37’

Train is so amazing and is continuously making hits that my whole family loves to listen to on the radio.  Their newest smash “Drive By” is so catchy; my kids are singing it around the house.  Train has been making hits since 1998 with “Meet Virginia” from their debut album.  Their 2nd album and hit “Drops of Jupiter” skyrocketed the bands popularity. And their last release “Save Me, San Francisco” produced 3 hits  “Hey, Soul Sister”, “If It’s Love” and “Marry Me.”
Pat Monahan’s voice is truly amazing.  

Check out their awesome site to view their tour dates and click here to buy the album on 

You can like Train on Facebook, just click here:

I am so glad that Train has a new album out and I want to pass along this info to all of the other moms out there!!!

DISCLAIMER: I work for Miles Of Marketing ( and they provided this information to me.  


  1. Glad to see you post this. My husband really wants to go to see Train this summer,but I wasn't really sure if it was worth the money. I haven't heard anything off their most recent album, but this post inspired me to check it out! Joining you from SITS.

  2. Hi Kristi! You should go with your husband to see them - you will not be sorry :) Check out their website to hear their newest song "Drive By".

  3. Dropping by from the SITS Spring Fling! MacGyver loves Train and is thrilled that they have a new album out. I may pick it up for him as part of his father's day gift.

  4. Hey CaneWife! I'm positive that MacGyver will not be disappointed ;) Thanks for swinging by!