Friday, June 15, 2012

George of the Jungle......Watch out for that tree!

Earlier this week there was a bit more chaos that I am used to. Little Man in Training was at his science camp getting all smart and had a run in with a tree.  Yep, you read that right, he ran into a tree! (See, it's on paper!) 

Apparently, the red light green light game is not one you want to lose.  This picture really doesn't show just how bad the bump of the head was. His hands, arms and legs were scraped up as well.  I tried not to panic and got him in to see his doctor.

Little Man In Training, Man In Charge, & I sat in the exam room waiting for the doctor. While chatting and looking around I happen to glance up and see this...............................>>>>
WHAT?!? Couldn't help but laugh and take a picture of course!  

After the exams and x-rays were completed, we hear that there is no permanent damage done. Thank goodness! After being emotionally jacked up for the past 2 days from this event I feel like I am back on track. So that means, I have some daily pictures to share with you!

Here is my Day 14 - Time.  This was my Grandpas watch.

Day 15 - Yellow.  These are the heels of my new Steve Madden shoes...Love them!

There it is......another week of pictures.  I have a super busy weekend starting up so I will see y'all back her Monday!
Happy Days :)

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